About Kelly Lapham

Kelly has a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting with a specialty in Forensic Accounting.  Her experience has taken her into most industries including: Medical, Legal, Manufacturing, Construction, Accounting, Retail, Tire & Auto Service, Engineering, Non-Profit, Distribution, Property Associations, Real Estate, and now the creator of Concierge Accounting Services.

20150527_085806I'm Kelly Lapham and I am a passionate detective who understands and works at a higher level than the average, self-employed bookkeeper. I had always wanted to get my accounting degree and CPA license but had chosen to marry young and  start a family rather than continue on to college after high school.  Then came a time in my life that I needed to support myself and the kids. After graduating from paralegal school, I interviewed for a position working for a gentleman that would soon become my mentor. This position was for a beer distributor of Anheuser-Busch products. He was intense at his work and in his thoughts and ideas.

From Rick I learned about sales strategies, inventory management, employment management and payroll structures, financial management, cash flow, and learned about financial statements from his CPA, Scott Robertson.

For a woman of 24, I had an incredible opportunity learning from this brilliant and fearless man.

My business consultant told me that , “I am fearlessly brilliant”.  I have also been called an "angel", a "miracle worker" and "heaven sent." With that wind in my sails my firm Cornerstone Bookkeeping quintripled in revenue and employees, and I was able to return to school to earn my accounting degree. I am a powerfully smart woman who works well with other powerfully smart executives and that is how Concierge Services from Cornerstone was born.

I am a wife, a mother of three, grandmother to one and an active volunteer in my community with the Penn Valley Rodeo, The Board of Directors of The Grass Valley Center for the Arts, and Paint the Town Pink Fundraiser.

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